Deep Tissue Massage: The Perfect End To Your January Work-Out

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By Salah Uddin Mahdi

What Is A Deep Tissue Massage And How Can They Help My Body Repair?

If you’re working out in a month, don’t forget to take care of your muscles! It’s important to rest between workouts, allowing your muscles the opportunity to recover and heal.

It is also crucial to stretch properly following an exercise, to allow muscles the chance they require to eliminate any build-up of lactic acid. If this lactic acid goes untreated, adhesions may be formed in muscles and lead to tension knots that cause lots of discomfort and strain on our body.

Here’s a brief explanation of the reasons why deeply-tissue treatments are incredible, and be so relaxing and leave us feeling amazing:

What Is A Deep Tissue Massage?

Deep Tissue Massage is like Swedish but greater pressure is applied by a Massage Therapist that helps to ease muscles that are suffering from constant tension. The emphasis of this pressure is on the deepest layers of muscles, tendons, and fascia (the protecting layer around joints, bones, and muscles).

Why Might We Need A Deeper Pressure?

There are a variety of things that could result in adhesions or chronic tension. These include stress sleep, insomnia, posture, and inability to stretch down after exercising to mention just the most common. Adhesions can not only hinder circulation but also cause discomfort, inflammation and a lack of movement. It is essential to remove these adhesions before working out for the second time, especially if you would like to do vigorous exercise.

Massage Therapists can feel adhesions beneath the skin, and can adjust pressure to break them down. I constantly work together with clients to increase the amount of pressure needed, while making sure they feel at ease with the pressure applied.

What Are The Benefits Of A Deep Tissue Massage?

Rids Muscles Of Adhesions:

Deep Tissue Massage Near Me can help clear muscles of adhesions, ‘knots’ and tension. The pressure utilized oxygenates poorly circulated regions and allows the joints and spine to ease into alignment.

My job is to work alongside my patients to make sure we concentrate on their “problem areas’ during the Deep Tissue Massage. I also encourage feedback throughout the treatment to make sure the massage is effective in relieving tension.

Chronic Pain:

For those who have chronic muscle pain (particularly in the back, neck and shoulders) the use of more intense pressure may be required to release tension from tight muscles. Deep Tissue Massage Near Me may provide an ideal relief from the constant sensation of tightness that they feel.

Stress Relief:

Deep Tissue Massage offers an increased level of relaxation for your mind and body and can be a refreshing break for those who are suffering from an excessive amount of stress. A massage session that is deep that includes Medical Massage Detox allows clients to be in the moment and to be gentle with their bodies. It can also stimulate the release of serotonin. It is the ‘feel good’ hormone which those of us who live in London would all benefit from an extra dose of.

Scar Tissue And Rehabilitation After Injury:

Deep Tissue Massage Near Me can be an effective component of rehabilitation for those suffering from injuries from sports, or an increase in scar tissue. In contrast to Swedish massage can only be able to reach a certain level of muscle the Deep Tissue Massage goes farther and deeper, which allows the whole body method of muscle repair.


Deep Tissue Massage Near Me may aid in releasing nerves that are stuck, like sciatica. Anyone who has had sciatica knows how uncomfortable this can be and how uplifting relief Deep Tissue Massage can provide.

It doesn’t matter if you’re suffering from chronic back pain, have been overdoing it in the gym, are suffering from an injury from a recent sport, or are feeling incredibly over-stressed, a relaxing massage may be very beneficial for you.

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