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By Salah Uddin Mahdi

Local handymen typically excel at managing a range of home repair and maintenance tasks, from installing TVs to hanging pictures – these skilled pros have it covered!

Mohamed Hussein and Tamer Aly are the owners of Handyman Connection Mississauga, where their business model revolves around customer and craftsman relationships.


Homeowners typically hire handymen for simple maintenance services like installing new light fixtures or painting their home. In addition, handymen are invaluable resources when it comes to more intricate jobs like water-damaged drywall repairs or replacement – such as washing the damaged areas before priming and painting them over. In addition, handymen are capable of fixing cracks in drywall panels as well as decluttering basements by creating moveable shelves for storage purposes.

Mohamed Hussein and Tamer Aly are proud owners of Handyman Connection Mississauga. They take immense pleasure in serving customers to the highest standards, believing that customer experience should always come first in business and strive to build trust with each client. Mohamed and Tamer enjoy living in Mississauga due to its excellent schools and cultural experiences; and look forward to continuing their successful careers here.

Electrical Repair

Handyman services Mississauga have the skills needed to address any electrical problems in your home, from replacing light fixtures and mounting TVs and electronics to installing ceiling fans, receptacles and more. Additionally, they may upgrade your electrical panel as necessary – any faulty electrical systems can be dangerous so professional assistance should always be sought if flickering lights, burning smells or frequent circuit breaker trips indicate issues in your system.

Handyman services provide much more than light fixture and appliance repairs; they can also de-clutter basements, repair broken windows, build movable shelves and caulk and tile the home. Roof and floor heating cables are especially beneficial during Mississauga’s long cold winters; they prevent snow and ice build-up that damages roof shingles and gutters and also keep floors warm and comfortable – plus cleaning is easier and costs no more than traditional carpet cleaners!


Handymen offer many plumbing services, from installing fixtures and appliances in your kitchen or bathroom to repairs and maintenance of existing fixtures or devices such as faucets, toilets, garbage disposals and dishwashers. In addition, they can help ensure all switches, outlets or receptacles in your home meet code compliance as well as handle other tasks relating to the plumbing system of your house such as repairing leaks and drains.

Mohamed and Tamer take great pride in the business they run together, taking great care in all their endeavors. Their goal is to establish an organization that offers high-quality workmanship at an affordable price while building lasting relationships with customers – and they feel building these is the key to achieving it all.


Carpentry is one of the most specialized trades within the construction industry. It involves creating, erecting and repairing buildings made out of wood. Rough carpenters specialize in creating basic wooden structures like foundation pillars and roof trusses while finish carpenters specialize in finishing off homes by installing interior elements like doors – they may even perform repairs on existing furniture pieces!

Wood furnishings are popular as it adds warmth and coziness to any room, while being highly durable if properly cared for. Polishing or varnishing regularly will keep your furniture looking brand new while protecting it against damage.

Odd Job makes hiring the right local professional handymen easy with its network of skilled handymen, all fully licensed, bonded and insured and identity/background checked – offering flexible scheduling at competitive rates for peace of mind that your home will be well taken care of.

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