Marble Floor Polishing Costs 

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By Salah Uddin Mahdi

On the list of the most recognizable elements in interior design is marble flooring. However, routine care is necessary to keep it looking its best. Like most floors, it is susceptible to scratches, stains, and discoloration with time. In this article we are going to talk about Marble Floor Polishing Costs. Price of polishing a marble floor like most floors, marble can get stained, scratched, and discolored with time. Fortunately, contacting a cleaning right once will help bring your flooring back to its former splendor. The price of polishing a marble floor and the variables that may impact the cost are described in the post below. The Average Cost for Polishing Marble Floors Per square foot price The square footage of the area that has to be polished is frequently used to determine Professional marble floor polishing prices are often between $5 and $10 per square foot. However, the above-listed factors may affect costs. Price per Room It normally costs between $300 and $600 per room, but we can give you an estimate if you’d prefer. The ultimate cost will depend on the room’s dimensions and condition. To get a more precise idea of the costs, it is important to obtain a comprehensive estimate from competent service providers. Price of Extra Services The costs will change if you need extra treatments like crack repair, grout cleaning, or sealing. The price of marble floor polishing may increase as a result of these services, which are often billed individually. A Guide to Marble Floor Polishing Costs More Ideas about the Price of Polishing a Marble Floor  Cleaning marble flooring, whether in your living room, kitchen, or foyer, may drastically change how a space looks. Our specialists estimate that marble cleaning generally costs £20 per square meter. This cost normally includes the labor of a contractor and specialized cleaning tools. The typical living room in the UK is 17 m2. In light of this, we suggest allocating about £350 for the task. Factors Influencing Marble Floor Polishing Prices The cost of polishing and cleaning marble floors can vary based on a number of factors, such as the size of the floor. Prices increase as a room’s size increases. The floor’s condition is also another factor. If Marble repairs are required as a result of wear and tear or extensive damage, your Polishing Costs may increase.A Guide to Marble Floor Polishing Costs Where the property is located is the important factor too. Prices will be higher in the South, especially in the capital. Replacement of a slab or tile where the stone has deteriorated or fractured is another issue that affects the price. How Marble Floor polishing and cleaning is done? Cleaning To get rid of some of the more difficult stains, the floor must first be properly cleaned before buffing. If you don’t do this, all you will be doing is shining the stains. Usually, the price of marble floor polishing includes the cost of cleaning marble floors. The price should be between £10 and £20 per m2 for stone floors that are clean but have been etched or seem dull. Cleaners will employ a penetrating chemical to remove oil and filth on exceptionally soiled flooring. This will be applied, given time to absorb into the stone, and then vacuumed away. Polishing After that comes polishing, which involves removing a layer from the stone to reveal a shining surface using a mixture of polishing pads, sanding discs, and specific chemicals. After that, experts will apply a sealer to keep the shiny finish in place and aid with stain resistance. The frequency of polishing marble flooring is unknown. Recently polished marble flooring should maintain its aesthetic for one to three years. In low-traffic regions, certain flooring can survive up to five years without needing maintenance. Expense Factors The following factors should be taken into account because polishing supplies can be fairly expensive: Most clients choose polish as part of the cleaning and renovation procedure. As a consequence, you want to include in the price of cleaning and resealing polished stone floors. The majority of the cost of polishing floors is labor-related. Companies must also pay for their supplies of chemicals and equipment, although these expenditures are often insignificant in comparison. Marble and dolomite are significantly less expensive to polish than high-quality stones like terrazzo. If polishing fails to fully repair the floor, replacement may be advised if a tile or small section of tiles on your stone floor has considerable damage or wear and tear. Although it may cost more, this is a superior long-term investment. DIY Points to Consider What you should bear in mind if you want to polish the floor yourself is listed below: It is only advised to polish the floor by yourself if the area you wish to polish is tiny, such as a small room or the stairs. It is advised that you apply a professional if the area that needs to be polished is extensive and calls for specific tools because you might not possess the requisite expertise to handle such gear. Last but not least, use the right chemicals and a careful touch while polishing the stone. It is preferable to employ a professional if you are unsure of the chemical mixture’s ratios.  Can I Polish the Marble with the Vehicle Polish?  Several web sources advise using table cleanser or vehicle wax to polish marble flooring. The quick answer is yes, but we don’t advise doing this. The marble won’t necessarily be damaged by wax, but it will need to be reapplied frequently because it scuffs readily. It’s advisable to avoid it since eventually; it can give your marble flooring a yellowed appearance. If you do use wax, only use it in places where potential risks won’t be visible, such as concealed locations. Can I do my own Marble Floor Polishing?  Polishing your marble floors should be a simple operation if you have access to the specialized tools and cleaning agents necessary and have previously tried a similar activity. The usual cost of marble polishing is not too high, therefore we advise getting in touch with a qualified tradesperson for those who do not want to take the chance of further damaging their flooring.

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