Online Vs Offline Pregnancy Care Class

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By Salah Uddin Mahdi

Pregnancy care classes (commonly referred to as childbirth classes) are highly recommended by ob-gyns and labor and delivery nurses for expecting parents. These courses cover all aspects of gestation, from stages of labor to pain management techniques; postpartum care; newborn care; as well as postpartum and newborn care after delivery. It is advised that expecting mothers take one early in their third trimester.


Pregnancy education is key to encouraging healthy behavioral choices and improving birth outcomes, and is an integral component of care experience for pregnant women. Unfortunately, though, prenatal classes often face barriers due to rural or remote location, costs, stigmatisation among participants, or shortage of instructors; such obstacles were further compounded during the COVID-19 pandemic when many in-person appointments and classes had to be suspended due to illness – this situation created more hurdles to prenatal education – though mobile health technologies such as SmartMom (Canada prenatal education program delivered via text messaging) can play an instrumental role in breaking through those hurdles – for instance SmartMom (Canadian prenatal education program delivered via text messaging).

Although numerous pregnancy mHealth apps have been created, very few have been tested for effectiveness and few meet pregnant people’s informational needs. SMS texting programs may be more suitable since they are accessible to a wider range of users without needing them to know exactly what to search for and install an app.

This new technology empowers women to use a client application and web user interface to manage their clinical data and communicate with healthcare professionals. Furthermore, the system allows women to report emergency signs without an active Internet connection by sending it directly to both the web user interface and pre-configured mobile operators of healthcare professionals.


Pregnancy classes can be an invaluable way for pregnant women to gain knowledge about themselves and the fetus they are carrying, but attending in person may be difficult due to logistical challenges and limited instructors available for classes. Online pre pregnancy classes provide a convenient solution without needing to travel or miss work for classes.

In this video-based class, you’ll watch a series of videos covering important prenatal care and fetal development topics, along with what to expect during labor and how to handle complications. In addition, this class offers workbooks, recipes and wellness meditations designed to prepare you for the delivery process.

SmartMom, Canada’s inaugural prenatal education mHealth program, has now attracted over 13,000 enrollees since its launch. For this study, we surveyed participants to assess their perceived information needs and preferences regarding content and structure of SmartMom messages. Similar themes surfaced as reported by Munro et al in their usability research; such as evidence-based content being necessary and strength-based approaches taken when delivering messages. SmartMom provides an alternative option for pregnant people struggling to access prenatal classes due to barriers like rural location or cost or restrictions caused by COVID-19 pandemic restrictions in in-person prenatal appointments – offering great assistance when prenatal classes cannot.


Free classes can be an invaluable way to prepare for pregnancy and childbirth. Unfortunately, they may not offer as much information or resources compared with paid classes, and may even be sponsored by individuals or entities with their own biases – it is essential to keep this in mind when choosing classes.

Free online classes can be an ideal solution for couples planning natural birth. You will learn how to prepare for labor and use relaxation techniques to reduce pain during labor. In addition, these classes will give an overview of various medications used during labor as well as their risks and benefits.

Pulling Curls’ online prenatal classes for couples are designed and taught by an ACLS/NRP nurse with 20 years of labor and delivery experience in San Jose and Phoenix areas, who has taught these free classes with DVD and workbook format as well. Topics addressed in these courses such as third trimester testing and when to call your provider are also important considerations for natural moms.


Online pregnancy classes can be an invaluable way to learn about your baby’s development and how best to care for yourself throughout gestation. They’re especially convenient for busy parents who may not have time for traditional classes; but beware that some classes may cost extra; some might even be free or partially reimbursed by health insurers!

Online classes offer an affordable and accessible solution to preparing for your big day. Covering similar topics as in-person classes, they allow you to take them whenever and wherever it suits you best; in addition, most allow you to keep materials for up to one year after completion of class.

MultiCare provides a free, self-paced online course covering every aspect of a healthy pregnancy. The eClass features videos, worksheets, recipes, wellness meditations and a private community for participants – you can access this class from any device – be it desktop computer, laptop tablet or mobile. Available to patients who plan to deliver at MultiCare Auburn Medical Center Auburn Good Samaritan Hospital Tacoma General Hospital; sign up anytime during your gestation!

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