Top Things to Do in West Virginia

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By Salah Uddin Mahdi

West Virginia is the ideal getaway for those looking to unwind. Hiking along beautiful nature paths and visiting historical sites are two of the top West Virginia activities. But that’s not the end of it. Learn more about West Virginia by reading this list of the finest things to do in West Virginia.

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1. Harpers Ferry

In actuality, it is home to fewer than 300 people. Civil War history buffs will fall head over heels for Harpers Ferry’s 19th-century architecture. Because of its preserved surroundings, it is one of the top sites to visit in West Virginia. You can spend the weekend walking the streets, seeing museums and live exhibits, and doing other things. Harpers Ferry has wonderful paths all surrounding the town, also for walking around the village. From Harpers Ferry, you can also access the Appalachian National Scenic Trail.

2. New River Gorge National Park 

The 72,808-acre New River Gorge National Park is near Beckley. It was in 1978. The New River Gorge Bridge is a distinctive icon in the state, so include it in your list of top West Virginia attractions. The view of the bridge is only the beginning. The great hiking trails make New River Gorge a cheap yet satisfying area to visit. The park has so much to offer, from the Endless Wall to past human settlements.

3. Blackwater Falls State Park 

The Allegheny Mountains’ Blackwater Falls State Park spans 2,358 acres. It was in 1937. When it comes to must-see tourist attractions in the state, Blackwater Falls State Park should be at the top of the list. Blackwater Falls’ 57-foot cascade is not to be missed. It’s amber waters and gorgeous streams are some of West Virginia’s most photographed sites today. Nature enthusiasts will enjoy making the most of their time in the park. Within the park, you may also enjoy fishing, boating, and geocaching.

4. West Virginia Penitentiary 

The West Virginia Penitentiary was as a gothic-style jail in 1866 and inaugurated in 1876. It was from prison use in 1995. Exploring historic buildings and seeking ghosts may be a wonderful way to pass the time when looking for things to do in West Virginia. If that’s your thing, the West Virginia Penitentiary is open for tours this weekend. Schedule a tour for the most convenient time to visit the prison. You can go while it’s still light out, at night, or even at twilight to look for sightings. You are able to travel alone.

5. The Greenbrier Forest & Trail 

The Greenbrier State Forest encompasses 5,133 acres and offers around 13 kilometres of hiking and bike paths. It is between Lewisburg and White Sulphur Springs. If you’re looking for 360-degree scenic views, add the Greenbrier Forest trails to your list of must-see places in West Virginia. To explore the routes within the forest, you can either walk or ride a mountain bike. Head towards Howard Creek or Kate’s Mountain. 

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