Wavlink WiFi Extender Not Connecting to Internet?

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By Salah Uddin Mahdi

Facing Wavlink WiFi extender not connecting to internet issue? If your answer is a big yes, then there is nothing to get worried. Tens of millions of users face this type of issue with their Wavlink extender. So, to make users get rid of the issue, we have come up with this Wavlink troubleshooting article. Here, we have provided some of the reasons causing the issue along with the permanent fixes to get it resolved. Keep reading!

Reasons Behind Wavlink Extender Not Connecting

  • Technical glitches

  • Poor power supply

  • Unstable Ethernet connection

  • Weak WiFi

  • Bad location of the extender

  • Incomplete Wavlink extender setup

Fixes to Wavlink Extender Not Connecting

Fix 1: Restart Your WiFi Extender

Commence the process of troubleshooting the issue by restarting your WiFi range extender. The reason being, the device is prone to various technical-related issues that can be resolved only by power cycling or restarting the extender.
Hera are the instructions to restart the extender in a hassle-free manner:
Step 1: First things first, unplug your extender and turn it off.
Step 2: Then, you need to disconnect the extender from your router.
Step 3: A few moments later, plug in back your extender and turn it on.
Step 4: Reconnect the extender and your router.

After restarting your extender, see if you are able to troubleshoot the issue. If not, then try the next hack in line.

Fix 2: Check the Extender’s Power Supply

If “Wavlink WiFi extender not connecting to internet” is not leaving your tail, then you need to check the extender’s power supply and ensure that it is steady enough. In addition to that, the power outlet into which the extender is plugged supposed to be damage-free.
Bear in mind, improper power supply to the extender from a damaged wall outlet may let you experience the issue in discussion.

Fix 3: Verify Your Internet Connection

If the issue is still becoming pain in your head, then you might want to check your internet connection. There is a possibility that your internet connection is not up to the mark. So, for this, you have to contact your ISP and confirm that everything is ok from this side. Just in case, you find something wrong, politely ask your service provider to get it fixed for you as soon as possible.
After getting internet-related issue fixed from your service provider’s end, see if “Wavlink WiFi extender not connecting to internet” issue had bid a farewell to you.

Fix 4: Check the Ethernet Connection

Are you still facing the same issue? Yes? Then you must check the extender-router Ethernet connection. Ensure that the devices are firmly connected to each other and the wire you have isn’t damage or worn out.

Fix 5: Change the Wavlink Extender’s Location

Avoid placing the WiFi range extender in a corner or inside the closet/ show window. Apart from this, avoid keeping the extender beneath your study table. Doing so will help you make the most out of your extender’s WiFi and fix internet-related issue with the WiFi range extender.

Fix 6: Reset and Reconfigure Your Extender

The four fixes we have listed above haven’t bring you luck? If yes, then you need to reset your WiFi range extender and configure it again.

To reset the WiFi extender:

Step 1: Look for the reset button on the extender.
Step 2: Once you find it, press it and wait for a couple of seconds.

In this way, you can reset WiFi range extender back to factory default values. Now, to enjoy extended WiFi range all over your house, perform Wavlink setup process from scratch.

The Last Words

Now, we are going to put a full stop to this article! Hopefully, the fixes listed above will help you troubleshoot “Wavlink WiFi extender not connecting to internet” issue.

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